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Men’s Seine Boat Competition- Saturday


Love these horses!








Time to order your 2014 Cape Ann calendars!

These calendars have become favorites for people all over the country! Year after year folks re-order for gift-giving or to keep for themselves. I love the notes I get from those who have received calendars during the holiday season.

The calendars make great holiday gifts for:

-Your kids’ teachers
-The dog groomer
-Your hairdresser
-Friends who have moved away
-An elderly person
-Mail delivery person
-Your favorite waitress
-Party host(ess)
-Newspaper delivery person
-Your mother-in-law
Just about anybody! (Even your therapist!!)

This calendar comes in a unique cd-type case which flips into a stand for the monthly pages.

back front copy


Good Harbor Beach desk calendar:

gh back front copy


And the 8.5 x11 Cape Ann  wall calendar :

back big


If you would like to order and live locally, let me know and we can make arrangements so that you don’t have to pay shipping charges.

August 2013

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Ipswich -7/28/12

The Fort March 2012



Good Harbor Beach 2-17-2012

January 22, 2012

Niles Pond on Eastern Point has a life of its own. For some people it is a birders’ haven. For others, the pond and its surroundings provide serenity. The magical quality of Niles draws humans and creatures to its natural beauty.









Sunday Fiesta Procession


Sunday Morning Fiesta Mass