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Slowly into Spring – February 22

My Sunday drive was on Saturday this week. It seems my internal GPS takes me toward open spaces. Horses always catch my eye. Each season brings beauty and peacefulness.

Slowly into Spring

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January 5, 2014

I haven’t caught the sunrise for a while, but this morning I was up and out early. At 6:45 there was several people at Good Harbor. The temperature read 27 degrees-a heatwave compared to the past few days. The sun actually rose over the backshore. I took a ride down to Niles Pond. Something about those birches…


sun2 copy

sun3 copy

sun4 copy

sun5 copy


niles1 copy

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March 2013





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February 2013











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East Gloucester


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Good Harbor Beach 2-17-2012

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April 1, 2011





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January 29, 2012 – Rockport









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January 22, 2012

Niles Pond on Eastern Point has a life of its own. For some people it is a birders’ haven. For others, the pond and its surroundings provide serenity. The magical quality of Niles draws humans and creatures to its natural beauty.









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